Using Infrared Cameras for Electrical Maintenance

In the old days (AKA the 90’s) people had to wait for something to break in order to realize that product or appliance had an issue or was damaged.  Now, as technology continues to evolve we have been given the ability to catch damages and issues before it breaks which in the end, saves you from having to fully replace it.

One of the greatest tools that an electrician now uses are infrared cameras.

While using infrared cameras, an electrician can basically detect areas in your panels and wiring that are running too hot.  A thermal image is produced as it scans over an area highlighting areas that are higher in temperature.  By using infrared cameras you can save yourself time, money and frustrations that would come follow an appliance or panel breaking down.

Besides avoiding a headache and separation anxiety between yourself and your wallet, using infrared cameras can help electricians keep your home or business safe. The areas that electricians detect while using an infrared camera can be harmful if overlooked.  These electrical shorts can cause power outages, blown fuses, and even electrical fires.

Using infrared cameras benefit homeowners and merchants alike.  A power outage at your home can cause an array of problems, from the minimal such as missing an alarm to major like missing a step in the dark and falling down a flight of stairs.

To all the merchants reading this, imagine working half a day and then within a blink of an eye the power is out.  Now your business is without power and you are unable to process sales and pull up reports and other important pieces of information. Rather than spending a few dollars to have an electrician scan your panels and wiring using an infrared camera, you are losing money each minute you are down AND you have to replace whatever piece was damaged or broken.

In the end, spending a few bucks and your time now for some electrical maintenance using infrared camera technology could save you thousands in the long run.  Both merchants and homeowners have a lot to lose overlooking issues in your panels or wiring.  Don’t wait until something breaks or someone gets hurt! Your local electrical maintenance professionals at Current Electric will be more than happy to help you keep your home or business up and running and safe.