The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Lingers On

Even as we settle into the New Year we cannot forget about those still affected by Hurricane Sandy. There are still hundreds of NJ and NY residents without homes, stuck in hotels or friends houses. Families, whose holidays were not a day of gift giving but of celebration for what they have. We all tend to take things for granted or over exaggerate minor problems that arise in our lives. While we whine about working late or getting cut off there are families without power or whose homes Hurricane Sandy destroyed.

 As we reflect on 2012 and welcome 2013 it’s important to appreciate what we have and consider what we can do for others. There have been hundreds of amazing people who have donated money, time, clothes and other items to help those affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Even this blogger has donated several extra large leaf bags full of clothes to the Hurricane Sandy efforts. There are even service workers who have done pro bono work to help clear out the debris and wreckage from that vicious storm.

So ask yourself, what can I do to help those in need? Whether it’s a simple donation, sending care packages of food and canned goods, or even reaching out to see what kind of volunteer efforts you can do, anything is better than just sitting idly by. Now more than ever the great residents of the Garden State have to help each other whatever way possible, thinking of others before ourselves.

There has been a lot of coverage on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, including our friends at PromoVerse and NJ Paver Restorations. Check out what they’ve had to say in addition to seeing how you can prepare your home and family for any hurricanes to come.