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Our team of licensed, bonded and insured electricians possess the skills, training, competence and credibility to handle any project, ensuring high quality and longevity with each one. Additionally, we also offer all of our clients 24 hour emergency service. Current Electric will be there to repair it before it can cause more damage or injuries.

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Our Process


Our electrical contractors will schedule an appointment with you. We will:

  • Identify what you are looking for (upgrade, repair, addition, etc)
  • Determine what features and capabilities you would like included in your project
  • Determine how to turn your ideas into a reality.

Planning/Scope of Work

After understanding what you are looking for, Current Electric will:

  • Plan/Develop a Scope of Work based on your requests
  • Explain the Scope of Work to you, the client
  • Give a price for the total project
  • Setup a start date for the project

Time Frame

A project’s completion time frame is heavily dependent on both parties’ availability and Current Electric’s current workload schedule. Typical projects can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on the factors mentioned above. Regardless of the time frame, we always plan to please all of our clients. Our electrical contractors are all certified in electrical and safety regulations and precautions. We take the time to make sure our well staffed team are all educated and trained in the best methods available.

Electricians in New Jersey

Current Electric is an opportunity driven company recognized for outperforming competitors and surpassing the customer’s expectations. Our team consists of licensed, bonded and insured electricians that are dedicated to demonstrating quality, integrity, and innovation. Our services range from Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical contracting work.