Residential Electricians

At Current Electric, we take pride in our residential electrician services.  All of our customers receive the same high quality work and attention they deserve. We are a team of licensed, bonded and insured professional electricians that provide prompt service. Current Electric makes sure every client is highly involved in the entire process. We offer recommendations, additional features, panel upgrades, and product placement suggestions assisting you in the decision making process. We also offer a 24 hour/7 day a week emergency service for any electrical issues that require immediate action. Regardless of the issue, time and your location if there is an emergency we will respond immediately.

Residential Electrician Services

→ Interior Lighting
→ LED Lighting
→ Accent Lighting
→ Exterior Lighting
→ Generator Installation & Repairs
→ Electrical Wiring for New Homes

→ Home Automation
→ Home Security Systems
→ Data & Wiring
→ In-Ground & Above Ground Pools
→ Panel Installations & Upgrades
→ Custom Work

Interior Lighting Solutions

residential electricians

Keep your world illuminated and ensure your current interior lighting solutions are up to par. We provide custom interior lighting solutions for homeowners looking to improve their energy efficiency while keeping monthly costs manageable. With energy and cost efficiency in mind, we also specialize in upgrading and converting older homes into using better panels and LED lighting. Working as residential electricians, we have found that LED lighting alleviates almost any type of maintenance for almost a decade as it also provides homes with a better quality of lighting. Transitioning to LED lighting will save you money in the end, as you draw less electric energy, use less watts, and fill your home with brighter light. Your eyes will thank you too! No more straining your eyes in dimmer light environments, why not enhance your eye’s health and see a return on investment? LED transitions is only one of the many services we offer as residential electricians, let us help you with all of your interior lighting solutions.

Pools and Outdoor Lighting Installations

At Current Electric we can also help you with all of your in-ground and above ground pool needs. From selling pools to installing them we can help you prepare your outdoor areas for all of your summer gatherings. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor pool area we can install the perfect spa or hot tub to complement your backyard. Let Current Electric also go above and beyond all expectations and make your pool, hot tub or outdoor area, one-of-a-kind with our custom outdoor lighting installations, upgrades, and repair services.

More about Our Outdoor and Exterior Lighting Services

Current Electric can also help you raise your property’s value and give you leverage against the Jones’ next door. Let your outdoor areas shine with aesthetic accents to add some curb appeal to your home. Whether you are looking for additional security, building a new addition, or simply upgrading your current lighting situations, Current Electric can help. We have the skills and resources to light up your landscaping, make your walkways safer, and add accent lighting around your gathering areas. Get the style perfect for your home so your outdoor areas look as great as your home!

Motion Sensors & Security

Current Electric has become Central NJ’s answer to motion sensor and security installs. We only install products that ensures you receive the highest quality protection and safety. We have found that Raab’s line of products accomplish just that, offering ultimate precaution solutions at an efficient cost.

We also specialize in handling installs, upgrades, and repairs in:

→ Closed Circuit Television
→ Security Cameras
→ Motion Sensors
→ Hard-Wired and Wireless Systems
→ Infrared and Sweeping Cameras with Zoom
→ Centralized Hubs with a DVR System to Store 30 Days of Footage

With all of our security services, we give our clients the ability to view everything right from their smartphone. We help them cover blind spots and cover areas they want to cover or observe. An average sized home usually only takes 1 – 3 days depending on the system they choose and it’s involvement. Current Electric has all of the resources to keep your home safe.

Home Automation

Modern technology has reached the point where the control can be directly in your hands. Utilizing your own smartphone or a selected controller you can control all of your home’s appliances by simply pushing a button or swiping the screen. You can set appliances to automatically go on before you arrive home, turn on your heating or air to keep your home comfortable and run your appliances at optimal energy efficient times. Get the benefit of fluid and consistent ease with unlimited capabilities for all of your home’s appliances.


As a certified and authorized Generac Generator dealer we want to help ensure no one is left in the dark during storms and hurricanes. Safeguard your home during the storm seasons and have a backup for any outages that can happen through the seasons. Handling all of the sales, installations, repairs and services Current Electric is able to handle all of your Generac Generator needs. With our team of skilled residential electricians will install and setup a whole house generator within a day. We accurately calculate the generator size based on the load calculations and train the homeowner on basic generator maintenance.

Not sure what you need? Current Electric will help you select the perfect whole house or portable generator your home needs. We will also help you select the circuits you want on the generator as we identify your needs and wants to design a custom generator system for your home.

New Panel Service or Upgrades

Through decades of experience Current Electric knows the perfect process of what homeowners want and need. We will design the right sized system for your property to ensure all of the energy utilized in your home is being used efficiently. We also specialize in upgrading panels currently powering older homes to make sure that all of your appliances have the power they need to run correctly. Not only do new panels and upgrades add value to your property, but it also helps you avoid problems and issues that can arise in outdated panel systems. Even if you are looking to add more electrical space for your home as you add larger appliances, our team of residential electricians will accomplish any panel install, service, or upgrade in just a day’s time. Let Current Electric make sure your home is running properly!

Data and Wiring

Current Electric is also your resource for all of your data, phone, cable, and wiring needs. With experience in completing server rooms, battery backups, and all of your wiring needs, our skilled team can help. Depending on exactly how much wiring assistance you require, will depend on the time to complete the job.