So, What is a Generator?

A generator can be a lifesaver in a sticky loss of power situation. As professional Electricians in New Jersey we hear the question “What is a generator” pretty often. Generators are not all that complicated to understand, simply put, a generator provides electricity to things and can even be highly portable. When you lose power from a storm, a generator could save you thousands of dollars by keeping your refrigerator running, keeping your family warm, and even provide you with a backup source of heat in the winter if utilized correctly. So instead of asking yourself “What is a generator?” get out there and purchase one or have one installed by a professional, trust us, you’ll be happy to have it when things go wrong.

If your asking "What is a Generator?" you should probably read this page by Current Electric. Proudly serving Hunterdon County NJ and surrounding areas.
Generac Generator

Current Electric Can Install Generators

Current Electric knows the ins and outs of installing generators, upgrading to new systems, and maintaining them as well. Servicing the bulk of New Jersey and Eastern PA, we would be glad to give you a free estimate, survey your property to find a fit, or even answer simple questions like “What is a generator?”.

Current Electric has Experience With:

→ Generac Generators
→ Classic Gas Generators
→ Green Energy Solutions
→ Interlock Kit Systems
→ Automatic Transfer Switches