New York Begins Initiative to Bring Energy Efficient Technologies

Electrical Contractor Magazine recently published an article covering the new initiative New York governor Andrew Cuomo launched to push the emergence of energy efficient technologies. In total $30 million is going into the initiative and will be led by the New York Power Authority.

The program will be funding research, market development activities, and demonstration projects to help promote the implementation of energy efficient technologies in businesses and development ventures.  At this time the initiative is known as the Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program.

How will this program increase the market development speed of energy efficiency technologies?

The Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program will:

  • Help accelerate the deployment of energy efficient technologies.
  • Attract technology companies to New York
  • Facilitate marketing opportunities for companies specializing in energy efficient technologies
  • Assist in forming synergies  and business development between technology companies.
  • Educate and train engineers, contractors, and maintenance service providers in using and implementing energy efficient technologies.

For this initiative, the New York Power Authority issued a request for proposals that they will select and award out of. At that point they will show how they plan to commercialize their energy efficient technology and what the benefits are through economic development.  The Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program will also assist the awardee in making synergies, and creating business opportunities and training programs.

By doing so, the Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program will help pave the way through structuring the process in which will enable engineers to design, install and maintain energy efficient technologies.  Down the road this initiative will assist in commercializing energy efficient technologies bringing them into the marketplace, bringing more environmentally friendly products to the public’s hands.

The emergence of energy efficient technologies initiative is exciting times! Soon, other states will become involved with these types of acts and initiatives bringing green tech and energy efficient technologies to all homeowners and commercial property owners! It will become the norm for all engineers and service workers to use and work with. What do you think are the best energy efficient technologies available now?