Commercial Electricians

Current Electric’s staff of certified commercial electricians assist in providing solutions for the high demands of your business. Your electrical components play an important role in creating a reliable and safe working environment.  Our professional electricians will offer advice on how you can save money and reduce costs with simple conversions and updated models. Let us handle the electrical work so you can stay focused on running a business!

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Site Lighting

The overall lighting and appearance of your commercial property is important to maintain. Increase productivity and morale by converting your old fixtures to LED products. Studies have shown that those who work in brighter environments get more accomplished than those stuck in drab, dark, areas. Current Electric will help you improve your property’s overall atmosphere by installing a combination of energy efficient fixtures, upgrading older products, and repairing fixtures that are not working properly.

Data and Wiring

There is a lot involved in wiring and setting up data communities correctly. Current Electric has helped countless of commercial and industrial properties properly wire their facilities in addition to setting up data centers like server rooms. We will help you keep the wires neat and out of the way, running them through the walls, ceilings or along the molding.

Sub Panel Additions

As you begin to replace older products with the latest models, you may need to add some additional power to your panel. There are other cases when you want to have certain machines or appliances on their own panel. In these instances, a sub panel addition could benefit your property greatly. Our commercial electricians will ensure all of your appliances are running as efficiently as possible, as they perfectly setup and install your new sub panel!

Commercial Electrician

Tented Fit Outs

Regardless of whether or not you own your own property or are currently co-oping space with other companies, Current Electric can still help. With our team of commercial electricians handling your project, you will receive professional services that will surpass all expectations. We can offer many of the same services we offer in a tented fit-out situation. As co-op spaces continue to constantly change, you should not find yourself hindered with the capabilities you have. Let Current Electric help you turn that space into YOUR space.

Emergency Lighting

Having your emergency lighting properly installed is extremely important. You do not want to be fined by the State or lead to serious implications if an emergency were to happen. Current Electric can come in and survey all of your current emergency lighting fixtures, assist you in installing new ones, or repair the fixtures that have started to malfunction.

Service Upgrades

Our commercial electricians also specialize in service upgrades. We can help you accomplish all of your goals and more helping you create the perfect environment for your company.

Custom Commercial Work

Current Electric is dedicated to making our customers happy. We welcome special requests and there is no job that is too big or too small. Please inquire for any custom commercial electrician work.

Commercial projects are always daunting tasks. What makes them worse is dealing with unreliable contractors who lack the proper qualities you should look for in an electrical contractor. First and foremost, NEVER hire a contractor who is not licensed, bonded, or insured. Without those three qualities, there is no guarantee that you will be receiving high quality work or the longevity of the upgrade, repair, or addition.