Installing Fluorescent Lighting for Less

If you haven’t already switched to fluorescent lighting it seems now is the time to do so. A recent article in Electrical Contractor Magazine recently announced new regulations and policies that are mandating the use and implementation of fluorescent lighting. Even though you may think it would get expensive, in reality these energy efficient pieces are now available for considerably less.

The hardest task for general consumer and commercial projects will be the initial conversion. Though installing fluorescent lighting used to be pricey, new production costs have reduced drastically benefiting the manufacturers and consumers. On top of all that, installing fluorescent lighting costs are heavily outweighed by the benefits. Local professional fluorescent lighting installers at Current Electric want to reassure you that out of all options, fluorescent lighting is the most cost efficient and beneficial solution out there.

We’ve covered installing fluorescent lighting plenty of times before, but here’s some additional information offered through the technical oriented article provided by Electrical Contractor Magazine.

  • Fluorescent light bulbs are now available in almost every wattage traditional bulbs and beams come in.
  • Fluorescent lights have better safeguards in them for when they start, preventing electrical fires and other hazards that can occur in your home or office.
  • New production methods have drastically lowered the costs per fixture, making it not only energy efficient, but also cost efficient!
  • Many of the fluorescent lighting models now come with the capabilities of controlling the energy used. This means that the ability to dim lights are available in addition to also programming your lights to dim or turn on/off at certain times of the day. You have to love what home automation has become!

These are only a few reasons why fluorescent lighting has become the go to fixtures for all professional lighting installers! In the past few years, fluorescent lighting has advanced greatly, and in the end will continuously benefit all future consumers!